Hiking on the glacier

A unique landscape in Pitztal
Hiking around the Hotel Rifflsee in the Pitztal in Tyrol




Discover the beauties of the Pitztal while hiking

The wild and romantic Pitztal

The wild and romantic Pitztal is surrounded by striking peaks and glaciers that invite you to hike on the glacier. This unique landscape in the Pitztal shows us how well nature means us. The best way to discover the natural beauties when hiking on the glacier. We would be happy to give you more panoramic and mountain trails, hiking and mountain tours and hiking tips. Instructive you can hike on the Luis-Tenker Steig or the moor trail through the Pillermoor and learn all sorts of interesting things. You should also not miss the world-famous bizarre earth pyramids that have formed from the glacier moraines. A little brisk and with two sticks it goes over hill and dale on the Nordic Walking Trails. If you want to get a better impression of our leisure activities, please follow this link: Interactive hiking map

The active card for your leisure program

The Pitztal Summer Card

Experience free access to the attractions of the Pitztal and its surroundings in Tyrol every day. So you can use a mountain railway or the XP Adventure Park for free every day. In addition, you get daily access to the other service partners, such as museums, swimming lake, climbing hall, bouldering stadium, ibex center, and take the public bus in Pitztal to Imst train station or Imst Postplatz free - daily!

A few examples of hiking on the glacier ...

Here we have put together a few examples of hiking on the glacier. From a very easy family hike to a somewhat challenging summit tour, everything is included. If you need more information about the individual hikes or more examples please contact us. We're here to help. Alternatively, you can of course also look at pitztal.com.

Hiking on the glacier for everyone

St. Leonhard: Rifflsee - Circular trail

  • Walking time: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • The starting point is the valley station of the Rifflsee Bahn.

From there, the gondola takes you to the mountain station. Arrived at the mountain station of the Rifflseebahn, a very comfortable, wide path leads to the Rifflsee. From there you can run around the Rifflsee. The children can splash around in the mountain streams with a cozy rest. The mountain station at the gondola lift and the Rifflseehütte, which is only a few minutes' walk from the lake, are also suitable for a break in the beautiful surroundings. The Rifflsee lies at the exit of a flat high valley, which forms a relatively flat depression in the direction of the Pitztal. Immediately before the steep descent to the Pitztal, a rock barrier blocks the exit of the high valley and thus forms the 995 m long and 393 m wide high mountain lake. The entire area covers 26.9 hectares and the greatest depth is 24 meters. The Rifflsee is fed by an above-ground main inflow which flows into the lake in the form of a delta on the west bank. The drainage takes place via the strongly water-bearing Seebach towards Mandarfen.

  • Parking available: Yes, valley station of the Rifflseebahn (100 m from our hotel!)
  • Seating: yes, various benches, Rifflseehütte, SunnaAlm (mountain station of the Rifflseebahn)
  • Attractions: Rifflsee
  • Refreshments: SunnaAlm, Rifflseehütte
  • Ascent and descent with the Rifflseebahn


Half day tours through the mountains

St. Leonhard: Mandarfen - Taschachalm 1796 m - Rifflseehütte 2293 m - Hirschtal - Mandarfen - Circular trail

  • Walking time: approx.3.5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy to medium

The starting point is the parking lot of the Rifflsee Bahn. From there, cross the Pitze and hike on the flat farm path to the Taschachalm. After approx. 200 m there is a steep but good climb to the Rifflsee, where you can also see marmots. The Rifflsee lies at the exit of a flat high valley, which forms a relatively flat depression in the direction of the Pitztal. Immediately before the steep descent to the Pitztal, a rock barrier blocks the exit of the high valley and thus forms the 995 m long and 393 m wide high mountain lake. Right there over the stream up to the Rifflsee hut. Continue along the Rifflsee to the mountain station of the Rifflseebahn. A little further the path branches off to the right and leads on a scenic route through the Hirschtal via the panorama path to Mandarfen.

  • Parking available: yes
  • Seating: Taschachalm, Rifflseehütte
  • Attractions: Rifflsee
  • Refreshments: Taschachalm, Rifflseehütte
Hiking tours

St. Leonhard: Mittelberg - Braunschweiger Hütte 2759 m -Pitztaler Jöchl 2995 m - Mittelberg

  • Walking time: approx. 7-8 hours
  • Difficulty: medium

The starting point is the parking lot of the Pitztal Glacier Railway. Follow the signs to the Gletscherstube, the path runs along a flat farm track. Continue to the climb to the Braunschweiger Hütte. The rocky path leads steeply along the glacier break to the foot of the Mittelbergfernerbruch. From there the arduous and very steep climb to the hut, some of which leads up steps, begins. Along this arduous path you have a fantastic view of the surrounding glacier world, such as the Mittelbergferner or Karlferner. A very good climb leads up to the Pitztaler Jöchl, the view from there to the surrounding peaks and glaciers is worth seeing. The Pitztaler Jöchl is the border between the Pitztal and the Ötztal. The return route leads back along the same route. Good condition and sure-footedness required! Another option: with the Gletscherexpress (fee) from Mittelberg to the Pitztaler Gletscher mountain station. From there, turn left towards the east over the Mittelbergferner (Geltscher crossing - alpine experience required) to the Braunschweiger Hütte (approx. 1½ hours). From the hut back via the glacier path to the Pitz-Express mountain station (pay attention to travel times) or directly down to Mittelberg (approx. 2½ hours).

  • Parking available: Yes, at the valley station of the Pitztal Glacier
  • Seating: Braunschweigerhütte, Gletscherstube
  • Attractions: view, glacial ice, Pitztaler Jöchl
  • Refreshments: Braunschweigerhütte, Gletscherstube
Summit tour for connoisseurs

St. Leonhard: Zaunhof - Ludwigsburger Hütte - Hoher Gemeindekopf - Zaunhof

  • Walking time: approx. 4 hours
  • Difficulty level: medium to difficult (surefootedness required)

From the starting point (Zaunhof / material cable car) up to the Ludwigsburger hut, then a partly steep but well-marked trail branches off to the left to the high community head. The climb divides in the last third. The upper right climb is steeper and more dangerous, the lower, left way is the better climb to the high community head. Arrived at the community head, the landscape protection area Riegetal can be seen. The way back is on the same route.

  • Parking available: Yes, at the material cable car
  • Seating: yes, benches and Ludwigsburger hut
  • Attractions: view, high community head, view of the Riegetal
  • Refreshments: Ludwigsburger Hütte







The Pitztal Summer Card

From the first day you can use the majority of its services with the exception of the mountain railways and XP Adventure Park. Here, you can choose to use the card on your day of arrival or on the day of your departure. Please note that on each following day you can only use the mountain railway and XP Adventure Park once per day. In addition to this, you will receive free entrance to all participating businesses such as museums, swimming lake, climbing hall, bouldering barn, alpine ibex centre and you can use all public busses free of charge every day!

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