Cross Country on the Glacier

Best contitions for cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing in Pitztal at Hotel Rifflsee




Guaranteed snow on the high-altitude trails

Classic or skating

Pitztal boasts nine cross-country skiing trails with a total length of 70km, which you can use for free. Snow is guaranteed on the high-altitude trails by Lake Rifflsee - our hotel's namesake - on the Pitztal Glacier and valley trail. Cross-country skiing maps with descriptions are available from Pitztal's Tourist Office. Cross-country skiing is perfect for those looking for fitness and wellness and is attracting ever more enthusiasts.

A few examples of cross-country skiing in the Pitztal ...


Pitztaler Gletscher

(high altitude course)
2.760 m (classic and skate skiing)
Length: approx 3-6 km
Location: at the Pitztaler Glacier, Ascend with the Pitzexpress (Mittelberg)


(high altitude course)
2.269 m (classic and skate skiing)
Length: approx. 3,7 km
Location: Circle course around Rifflsee, Ascend with Rifflseebahn


1.180 m - 1.743 m (classic and skate skiing)
Length: 21,7 km
Location: From Wiese to Mittelberg with several loop lines
Main entry areas with information board in Mandarfen, Tieflehn and Plangeross.



(classic and skate skiing)
Length: approx 3,2 km
Location: at the trout pond (single lane)
Difference in altitude: 125 m




Length: approx 7 km skate skiing
Location:Parking place Gachen Blick
Difference in altitude: 260 m


Length: approx 8 km classic
Location at the pond in Fuchsmoos
Difference in altitude: 1460 m (max grade: 12,5 %; middle grade: 6,2 %)


Length: approx 2 km (classic and skate skiing)
Location: Parking place Harbeweiher
Difference in altitude: 70 m (max grade: 14,3 %; middle grade: 5 %)


Length: approx 8 km classic
Location: Parking place Gacher Blick
Difference in altitude: 353 m (max grade: 36 %; middle grade: 7,3 %)

Report of cross-country ski-runs

On the current cross-country trail report for cross-country skiing on the glacier you will find up-to-date information on the condition of the trails and how many km can be traveled.


If the Pitztaler Landesstraße is closed, the surrounding area including cross-country trails and winter hiking trails is also closed. Cross-country trails and winter hiking trails can also be blocked individually in individual cases. Pay attention to the signage or ask at the information office of the Pitztal Tourist Office.

Cross country trail rules

Respect for the other

Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm anyone else.

Signaling and running direction

Markings and signals must be observed. Cross-country trails must be run in the direction indicated.

Choice of track

You can run on double or multiple tracks in each track.


In a free lane or outside the lane, overtaking is allowed on the right or left. The front runner does not have to clear the track.

Adapting the speed to the conditions

Every cross-country skier (especially on slopes) has to adapt speed and behavior to his ability, the terrain, the traffic density and the visibility. He must keep a sufficient safety distance from the front runner.

Oncoming traffic

Everyone has to dodge on the right in encounters. On descents with only one lane, the ascending user has to clear the lane for the departing cross-country skier.

Usage of Poles

When overtaking, being overtaken and when encountering, the poles must be kept close to the body.

Keep the trail clear

Whoever stands still gets off track. A fallen runner must clear the track as quickly as possible.


In the case of an accident, everyone is obliged to provide assistance.

ID required

Everyone, whether a witness or a participant, whether responsible or not, must provide their personal details in the event of an accident.




The Pitztal Summer Card

From the first day you can use the majority of its services with the exception of the mountain railways and XP Adventure Park. Here, you can choose to use the card on your day of arrival or on the day of your departure. Please note that on each following day you can only use the mountain railway and XP Adventure Park once per day. In addition to this, you will receive free entrance to all participating businesses such as museums, swimming lake, climbing hall, bouldering barn, alpine ibex centre and you can use all public busses free of charge every day!


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