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Travelling by bus - the Pitztal Umweltticket

You can pay a Umweltticket to use the Regio Bus Pitztal cheap. All guests, which reached the age of 15 and sleep in Pitztal can pay this Umweltticket for € 5,-. The Umweltticket is available exclusively at your accommodation. If you arrive by train, please contact us for a voucher.

In summer, the lift tickets are not considered bus ticket.

The Umweltticket includes following services:

  • All benefits of the Freizeitpass (from June 2015)
    • Daily free guided hikes
    • Weekly guided mountain hikes
    • Pitzi's kids club
    • Discount partners
  • Free use of the busses in Pitztal
  • Free use of Almbus in Pitztal (registration required)
  • Free use of buses to Imst train station and back
  • Free use of buses to Imst Postplatz and back

Wear a muzzle

Unfortunately, all dogs (no matter what size) are required to wear a muzzle in the bus. There is a clear legal requirement that each dog needs to wear a muzzle. Bus drivers are required to refuse the admission of dogs without a muzzle, as the bus driver will be held responsible for any case of injury caused by a dog without muzzle.